Rufford Abbey

Rufford Abbey, a country estate in Rufford, Nottinghamshire, is probably the most haunted site NGRIT-UK investigate.

Originally a Cistercian abbey, it was converted to a country house in the 16th century after the dissolution of the monasteries. Part of the house was demolished in the 20th century, but the remains, standing in 150 acres of park and woodland, are open to the public as Rufford Country Park and part of the park is a local nature reserve. The house is Grade I listed and scheduled as an Ancient Monument.

Over many years of investigation at this site, NGRIT-UK have experienced a catalogue of paranormal activity. One team-member witnessed the apparition of a horse riding across the gardens with a female on its back. The ghostly woman stopped the horse, tipped her hat towards the NGRIT-UK team-member, then rode off towards the abbey and disappeared into thin air. Other activity includes, stones and candles being thrown on the floor, or at team-members, doors slamming shut, footsteps and disembodied voices, strange smells, flashes of light (often in response to our asking for them), movement of trigger objects and team-members being touched, grabbed, prodded or kicked.

Rufford Abbey is extremely paranormally active and one of the most fascinating sites we regularly like to investigate. 

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