Jervaulx Abbey, in East Witton near the city of Ripon, was one of the great Cistercian abbeys of Yorkshire, built in 1156 on land owned by Roger de Mowbray. The shell of this abbey sits deep in the Yorkshire countryside and is now privately owned by Ian & Carol Burdon.

The abbey and its grounds have provided fascinating results and experiences for NGRIT-UK over the years. Some activity we have encountered are stones being thrown, notebooks ripped up, disembodied voices, trigger objects and equipment moved / hidden, table movements, P.I.R. alarms triggered to distract attention, figures seen moving throughout the ruins, bright flashing red lights darting across the abbey. Most intriguingly though, on many occasions, white lights on the ground have guided us towards the church area, and this always occurs around 2.00am (the same time the monks would have held their first prayer services of the day hundreds of years ago).

LITTLE KNOWN FACT: The French Cistercian monks who moved to Jervaulx were from the Roquefort region and famously brought with them a recipe for making cheese. That cheese is now known as Wensleydale and is still made today!


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