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Unfortunately due to unscrupulous commercial paranormal groups trawling paranormal  websites mainly to gain access to sites by harassing site custodians, owners and managers we (NGRIT-UK) have regretfully had to take down the names of all the sites we have investigated over the past 20 years and the sites we are currently investigating


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We are now taking reservations for 1 all night (public) investigations at Newark Castle - Newark on trent (Feb 2015).

£35 per person to spend all night with the NGRIT team investigating a genuine 'Haunted' castle from 10.30pm to 04.00am - Note: We only take a maximum of 18 guests on our investigations so you will have the best possible ghost-hunting experience.

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All monies made from these events go directly to the site we investigate to help with renovation work and general up-keep

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We, the Northern Ghost Research & Investigation Team (NGRITUK Est 1994) are a group of science based paranormal investigators who study, research and investigate the 'Paranormal' (Ghosts & haunting's) throughout the UK. We will help and advise anyone who needs our expertise in this field of work.

We investigate, search, research and study all the evidence to find the true cause of any 'unusual' activity, be it natural or supernatural. If you are interested in our work and would like us to investigate a site / building you work at or live in please email us at or text 07473848108.

Note: We (NGRIT-UK) are NOT a commercial ghost group, we are a team of serious scientific paranormal investigators who offer a completely free and professional service, with NO charges whatsoever.

12.00AM - Undercroft - three loud bangs were heard on the outside undercroft, Neil goes to investigate but no one is there.


neil investigates light undercroft v1.1

12.10am - a large light was seen following Neil back into the undercroft. This was immediately followed by a unseen hand grabbing Keren & Tracy by the arm

undercroft kez v1.1

11.20pm - King Johns bedroom. An unrecognisable male voice was heard. Sharon then asked: “Did anyone speak just now?”  At this exact point a deep, whispered voice said “yes.” This came from an area of the room where no one was sitting!

King johns room v1.1 tennis ball bounces down stairs v1.1

12.40am - North east tower & Bishops bedroom - The team heard something bouncing down the stairs from the bishops bedroom and discovered a tennis ball on the last step. No one was upstairs or on the stairs when this happened. NB: the ball could not have fallen naturally.

02.55am Undercroft - The team see a black figure move quickly from the direction of the arch doorway towards the group. As it reached the group it just vanished.      We could not find a rational explain for this strange black figure!

neil followed into undercroft v1.1